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Camiel AKA "The Gamestriss"

I'm a single mom raising 2 young girls. As a result of the pandemic I quit my corporate job to stay home and school my girls.

Camiel with her daughters

I have been a graphic designer for many years and took the opportunity to get certified in Adobe during the stay-home orders and school closures. Let's just say, I have a newfound respect for all teachers and childcare workers. 



As a kid, I always loved playing video games and when I got older my love for video games grew stronger. My friends would tease me for scheduling time off from work or standing in line for hours at Best Buy when a new game launched. They gave me the nickname The Gamestriss which I LOVED!


As I started my career and had access to a computer, I realized what I really loved about games and it was the graphics. I quickly mastered tools such as PowerPoint and used my talents to help me excel in my career. I created company newsletters, corporate training guides, company announcements, birthdays, you name it I was gonna design it. I enjoyed my career, but I LOVED the design projects more. 


I quickly realized the market is very saturated with tons of amazing designers.  For those who aren't that amazing, there are plenty of easy to use tools. I remembered my Adobe Instructor telling me about a website that allows you to put your artwork on items such as bags, mugs and clothes. I created a few designs using Adobe Illustrator and “Voila!” After creating my collection I launched my online store, Gamestriss Graphics where I create prints based on colorful and eye-catching designs that look sophisticated and unique.


It's true, I don't like most clothes. I prefer to be comfortable over beautiful. I always found matching accessories with comfortable clothes complimented me. I decided to design my clothes based on that logic. Each collection includes matching accessories or clothing that is perfect for all day wear and any activity.  Get your mix and match on and thank you for being a part of this dream! 

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